Baobab Central Serengeti Camp


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Central Serengeti Camp is located next to the Orangi river. Please find here the exact GPS coordinates: 2°17’23.9″S | 34°55’22.0″E
In case you need help with directions to the camp, do not hesitate to reach out to the camp via phone call directly: +255 679 451 080


The Mara Luxury Camp is located near the Mara river. Please find here the exact GPS coordinates: 1°42’28.4″S | 34°50’55.4″E
In case you need help with directions to the camp, do not hesitate to reach out to the camp via phone call directly: +255 745 451 008

Yes indeed, they are interconnected with an exchange area in the middle that is also suitable for storing your luggage. Every side of the tent has their own bathroom with toilet and shower.

All our tents are on a platform. This gives our clients more security and comfort. 

Unfortunately, currently we do not have a small bed for children, nonetheless, extra beds for the rooms are available upon request.

We do not think bucket showers are well enough for our clients, which is why we have real showers in all tents with flowing hot and cold water. The water is heated through solarpanels. Please use water responsibly, as we are in a country where still a lot of people have no access to clean water. 

Indeed, we use solarenergy for 24/7 electricity in all tents. Nonetheless, we encourage a responsible usage because we are in the bush and in a country where a lot of people still do not have access to electricity.

Wifi is available in all tents but surely the best connection is received in the main/restaurant tent. We are bound to the Tanzanian connection, which is not always stable 24/7.

The tents itself function as mosquito nets, as if you open a window you will still have the net. Furthermore, our room attendants, will spray bug/mosquito repellant in the room twice a day. If you do not feel safe enough from mosquitos, we do have extra nets available upon request, that we install for you around the bed.

We do not have AC installed in any of the tents. Please be aware that the bush is generally colder than the cities and as there is usually a slight wind in the Serengeti and the tents can be opened on all sides, we consider this a natural AC.

We do offer credit card payments via VISA or MasterCard in our camps.

Yes we offer bush lunch & dinner close to the camp on a small hill overviewing Orangi river. Please note that we can not offer a bush lunch/dinner further away from the camp because of security reasons. It can only take place if weather and surrounding animals allow. 

Office Location

The office is located in Mateves Kisongo, about 30 minutes from the Arusha city center.