There are several camps and lodges located in the Northern Serengeti, they offer accommodations and safari experience. Baobab Camps are just one among the very few luxurious camps in Serengeti. They offer spacious tents, stunning views, and are known for excellent wildlife viewing. Traveling to the North Serengeti usually involves booking a safari tour with a reputable operator, you can choose Ona Safari.

Baobab Camps & Lodge

luxurious tented camp known for its prime wildlife viewing location and spacious accommodations.



Our Team Will Guide You

At Baobab Camps and Lodges, we are more than a hospitality team – we are your partners in exploring and connecting with the incredible beauty of Serengeti.

Exciting Wildlife Stories

Step into a world where thrilling wildlife stories come to life and where every adventure contributes to the preservation of Serengeti’s natural treasures

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At Baobab Camps and Lodges, nature isn’t just a backdrop – it’s an integral part of your journey.

Book your stay today and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Serengeti like never before.

Baobab Camps & Lodges

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