Baobab Serengeti Camp


​The BAOBAB SERENGETI is located near the Orangi river, which crosses from west to east through the Serengeti and runs water all year round. A small path offers the possibility to come ashore accompanied by a guide. Here is a group of baboons at home. During the dry season, the Orange river supplies the local animals with water.

Romantic Bush Dinner

For honeymoon couples, a romantic dinner is included on a small elevation near the tented camp. Of course we offer this romantic break to all lovers on request and at a small extra charge.


Start your game drive from the BAOBAB SERENGETI and discover one of the most beautiful and species-rich national parks in the world. The central Serengeti offers unique natural spectacles throughout the year.

After a good hour’s drive through the park, you will reach the northern Serengeti to the famous “River Crossing”, where the large herds cross the Mara River between August and October. Just as quickly you reach the south or west, where the huge herds between December and March, or June or July, stay. In the remaining months, the animals pass the camp.